We are proudly Australian Made. We design quality activewear that is sustainable and eco friendly. We want women to feel their best when wearing our activewear. 

Active wear has become more than just what you wear to the gym. Women are wearing it because it's comfortable and easy to fit into their daily lives. We want our products to compliment all women and their style so they feel empowered.

G Active understands that women want on trend pieces that fit every shape and size, which is why we offer custom options for each of our designs .

We strive to give you the best quality, the best fabrics and the best fit so you look and feel your best in our brand.

Our mission as a small business is not only to make beautiful activewear but also work on reducing our environmental footprint by souring more recycled fabric's, using less plastics in our packaging and try and minimise our waste by only making small quantities of our designs so there isn't so much waste.

Finding your best fit is important to us 

We hope you love it

Micheala x


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