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We believe once you have tried our custom made option ,you will find it hard to go back to wearing  off the shelf tights. So for a limited time we are offering our custom made service of our Active Essentials black tights for $45.00.The process is really easy you just click on order now and it will take you to the service .If you have any questions you can email ,call or arrange a video chat and I can help you through the process. We all love a pair of basic black tights ,so now is a great time to tryout G Active and get the best fit for you.

The G Active Fit =Your Personalised Fit

We don't just love activewear , we love active wear that fits each body shape perfectly

Sizing numbers like 10/14/21 don't have a place in The G Active Fit line,our sizing is based on your personalised fit.

No more tugging your legs back down

No more feeling sick having your tummy squished to give you the shape your looking for.

No More waist bands rolling or slipping down when you bend or squat.

You will pull on your G Active tights and never think to touch them again all day.

You're probably thinking " Yes but the cost?

Surely a custom fit is way more expensive!"

The answer is no its not ! Like we said, tights that fit your body shape perfectly is where our love lies

For the just a little extra than our standard sized tights you will receive your G Active Fit tights.

Don't believe us ?Coming soon you will be able select any of our tights ,select custom in the size option ,enter your measurements in the optional boxes , choose your band type and leg length and we'll take care of the rest.

PLUS, if you still have questions or you'd like to discuss your sizing further we offer our G Active Custom service.

A video chat with our head designer to ensure you are taking your measurements from the right places on your body.

We can't wait to see you working out, meditating ,walking, shopping, running ,working or what ever you choose to do in

ur G Active Fit tights.

Yours in comfort

Micheala xx


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The gactive fit

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